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Yaman Giyim, which was founded a century ago, continues to serve in the place where it was the first day in Köprübaşı, the oldest bazaar of Afyonkarahisar.


Until 1982, it served in the sector mainly on drapery, and after 1982, in accordance with the developing and changing needs, the foundations of the current Yaman Giyim were laid and carried to the present day.  


Yaman Giyim, continued by the 4th generation, designs its products by considering the needs of the modern world. It provides women who have adopted the concept of hijab clothing to have a stylish and modern appearance with its high quality and wide product range. By following the trends of the season, it offers products with modern colors and designs, and meets the clothing needs of women who have adopted hijab with quality and affordable products. Yaman Giyim, which always keeps customer satisfaction in the first place, continues to offer quality and service to its customers with its experience and knowledge of more than a century.


As Yaman Giyim, we have transferred our experience in the sector to the electronic commerce environment under the name of online clothing store yamangiyim.com.tr for our valued customers.

All the products you see on yamangiyim.com.tr are original. Imitation, replica, copy, second quality or defective products are not sold; products are provided by our suppliers within the framework of the law.


All of the products available on yamangiyim.com.tr are in our stocks. Therefore, members of yamangiyim.com.tr get the products they buy as soon as possible by overcoming the procurement and waiting period of the products they choose.


We wish you a pleasant shopping at yamangiyim.com.tr...


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